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The information provided in this registration form may be used by Enterprise M3 Growth Hub and/or their respective delivery partners for administering requests for support registration and to contact you should you make an application for business advice and/or support.

Your rights.

You may be able to obtain a copy of the personal data held on you by contacting the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub in writing enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.


You consent to the use of your information in supporting your businesses as set out above.

Deminimis State Aid
If within the past 3 years your business has received support from any public sources ie central government departments, local authorities etc. in any form (financial or non-financial) eg advisory services, loans, guarantees, grants, rent rebates or sale of land at less than best price – your business may have received so called De Minimis aid. You will have received a letter from the provider informing you that their support was a De Minimis aid and informing you on its value. European rules state that the value of De Minimis aid provided to a business cannot exceed €200,000  within a 3 year rolling period (De Minimis limit is €100,000 for road freight transport organisations).
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